Refurbishing & Data Destruction

We operate a 25,000 square foot facility that houses a computer, laptop & monitor refurbishing center. One of the reasons our remarketing services work so well is the fact we refurbish your products in our own local facility for resale in our local computer store chain – Refresh Computers. This amazing concept is well received by thousands of customers who have come to know and trust the Refresh Computers name.

Refurbishing & Redistribution

Refurb Center

On a monthly basis, our refurbishing center processes thousands of computers, laptops, monitors, printers, and data equipment. Our refurbished products are made available for resale through a network of pre-approved wholesale customers, through our own retail outlets, or back to the originating entity for redeployment into the workplace.

Our refurbishing and redistribution services include scheduled pickups of your items. We dispatch a fleet of trucks across the Southeastern United States on a daily basis. To schedule a pickup of your items, please call 1-888-474-3784, extension 225 to speak with a representative who will assist you and answer any questions you may have about our services.

Receive on-demand sales and redistribution reports from our integrated online system through your A1 Assets client login portal. If you are not yet a partner of A1 Assets, please contact us today to see how hundreds of other government and corporate entities have learned to recover lost revenue - the A1 Assets way.

Certified Data Destruction

Refurb Center

No need to worry about the data remaining on your hard drive or any other media. Our technicians ensure that all hard drives are wiped per the latest and strictest government standards. Even if you choose to remove your own data prior to us taking possession of your equipment, we will still perform a certified data destruction routine, as we data wipe all hard drives coming through our facility.

Certificates of data destruction are issued as part of our clients monthly or one-time reports. Shredding of hard drives is performed on any hard drive that can not be securely erased due to bad sectors or other hard drive failures.