A1 Assets Launches New 120,000 Square Foot Facility in Lake Mary, Florida


LAKE MARY, Florida (March 19, 2018) – A1 Assets has launched operations today within a brand new headquarters in Lake Mary, Florida. This facility will offer a substantially higher capacity for processing computers and electronic devices, and enable the company to explore new frontiers for efficiently recycling and refurbishing new types of materials.

Strategically positioned along the Interstate 4 corridor, in the northwest corner of Seminole County, the city of Lake Mary is highly regarded as one of the main tech gateway cities in the Central Florida region. The new structure is part of the Innovation Center of Lake Mary and is 120,000 square feet in size, which is four times larger than the previous Longwood facility.

All of the company’s central operations, including corporate offices, recycling and refurbishing center, and Technology Surplus Depot have now moved into the new building, and over 20 additional positions have been created to add more local, technically-skilled talent to the workforce.

With the new facility, A1 Assets is greatly expanding its operations for CRT processing, with new state-of-the-art equipment for lead glass separation and processing. A1 Assets is now the first and only company in the United States which is able to recycle the components of CRT monitors completely in-house. Additionally, a new subsidiary company named A1 Assets Metals is also being launched, which will process and recycle ferrous metals including iron, steel, and tin, as well as non-ferrous metals including aluminum, brass, and copper.

“This new facility unleashes a new level of potential for A1 Assets and its family of companies,” said David Leavitt, President and CEO of A1 Assets. “It is a reflection of our continued success based on our bedrock principles of environmental stewardship. Our founding mission statement of “extend the life of a product, extend the life of the planet” continues to be our guiding motto as we undertake this major step in our growth, keeping more e-waste out of the environment and retaining over 100 employees across our organization.”

Below are photos of our new facility:


About A1 Assets, Inc.:

A1 Assets, Inc. services Fortune 1000 companies and government accounts across Florida and the Southeastern United States by providing industry-leading asset management services including innovative remarketing and superior electronics recycling. A1 Assets, Inc. is the only company in Central Florida certified in the Responsible Recycling Practices (R2), ISO 14001:2004, and OHSAS 18001:2007 standards guaranteeing data security and environmentally friendly materials management. For more information, please visit A1 Assets’ official website.

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