A1Assets proud sponsor of RefreshPBX

We are happy to announce that A1 Assets, Inc. is now the proud sponsor of RefreshPBX.com. RefreshPBX is a reliable and affordable VoIP company that provides seamless, direct, private and high speed access to the worlds largest backbone network – bringing you the clearest call quality and uptime that any telecom company could offer.

“VoIP is here and ready for your home or office because of the advancements in internet speeds over the last 2 years. Voip is the fastest growing segment in telephone communications because of features, functionality, and price. There is no better value on the market today than a RefreshPBX solution. We ensure the highest quality call processing and reliability at the lowest possible price. Perfect for any home or office, a RefreshPBX solution can support from one to ten-thousand telephones. We also brought ‘sense’ to the ‘dollars’ you pay for your telephone service. One easy to understand bill every month that includes all taxes. No more guessing how much your phone bill is or if you are paying for unnecessary features that we provide for free.”

RefreshPBX has tons of unique features that you can’t get with a standard telephone company, and also provides some of the lowest prices that most traditional and VoIP phone systems can’t beat. Don’t tie yourself into a yearly contract and then have to deal with hidden fee’s. With RefreshPBX, you pay one flat rate fee monthly without any extra surcharges, setup fees, or anything along those lines.

If you have any questions or concerns, please see their support page to obtain more information.