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About Us

A1 Assets was founded in 2001 as an organic small business based in Longwood, Florida. The company started with selling and auctioning surplus equipment from corporate and government entities. The business expanded and evolved into Florida’s leading electronics-recycling company. A1 Assets currently holds all of the relevant certifications under the latest responsible recycling standards, including ISO 14001:2015 and R2:2013. By the end of 2017, A1 Assets had processed over 70 million pounds of electronic recyclables with a 100-percent reuse rate.

In 2018, A1 Assets expanded its worldwide headquarters to a brand new 120,000 square foot facility in Lake Mary, Florida. The company continues to increase its processing capacity, as well as explore and develop new innovative methods for the reuse and recycling of electronic devices and other raw-material elements.

A1 Assets is also the parent company of Technology Surplus Depot, employing industry-leading techniques and expertise to ensure the best possible disposition of surplus property. A1 Assets is not only the market leader for government and corporate surplus management, but a one-stop technology solution for all potential needs of businesses, municipalities, and organizations large and small.


Technology Surplus Depot
Main Telephone Number: 407-830-7030

The Technology Surplus Depot is home to thousands of government and corporate auctions. Categories include vehicles, heavy equipment, IT equipment, laboratory equipment, hospital equipment, AV equipment, and so much more. Visit the Technology Surplus Depot today to see all of the items up for sale right now.