Business Data Security in the Digital Age

Disposing of unwanted electronics is an inevitability for organizations who frequently update workplace technology. However, high technology turnover presents one of the most potentially catastrophic consequences of the Information Age: organizational data leakage.

Effective technology refresh policies help IT professionals make informed decisions on how to handle reverse logistics. One of the most important aspects of technology refresh policies is data security, or more specifically, the need to completely wipe or physically shred device hard drives. Here’s what to look for when you’re selecting an IT asset management service, such as A1 Assets, to properly remove and process recovered electronics. %NEWSPAGE_START_TRUNCATE%

Compliant Data Destruction for Corporate and Government Entities

Organizations that handle sensitive information like zpicaudit or banks, businesses, medical providers, government agencies, and schools, are held to high data security standards because the safety and financial costs associated with leakage can pose tremendous liability.

All sensitive data – including financial information, health records, trade secrets, and software – should be wiped from retired hard drives according to National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) guidelines, which set the standard for best data security practices for retired electronics. For example, well-known regulations such as HIPAA, FACTA and GLBA are developed along NIST guidelines.

To completely sanitize hard drives, A1 Assets uses a variety of proprietary software overwriting processes to provide a full hard drive wipe. By utilizing data sanitization software that erases one hundred percent of data, operating systems, and programs, we take extreme precaution to prevent software and hardware based recovery methods.

Additional measures to improve confidentiality are to remove property tags from all assets and physically shred hard drives if they are not salvageable for redeployment. One of the most effective ways an organization can prove complete data compliance is a certificate of data destruction that verifies all proprietary information has been officially expunged according to NIST standards. This further safeguards the organization from liability if ever called into question.

One of A1 Asset’s biggest priorities is shielding customers from liability by maintaining regulatory compliance to ensure protection and privacy. If you’re looking for IT asset management in Florida to responsibly recover electronics and perform complete data sanitation, please don’t hesitate to call us 888-474-3784 to schedule a pickup at your workplace.