Refresh Computers Expands IT Services Portfolio


LONGWOOD, Florida (March 26, 2013)  – Refresh Computers is excited to announce the addition of Managed IT and Social Media services to their suite of technical offerings to Greater Orlando and beyond.

“What we’re providing are tools to help Florida businesses be more successful,” says A1 Assets’ CEO David Leavitt. “As a business owner myself, I know the varying aspects of making a business work first hand. What if you could just hire someone as an extension of your team who’s already an expert in their field to give you a competitive edge? That’s what we’re doing with Managed IT and Social Media Services through Refresh Computers. This expansion is the natural next step to enhance our service offerings from our already popular retail locations in Longwood, UCF, and The Villages.”

For more information about the services and how they benefit local businesses, please read below:

Managed IT Services

Office technology issues are one of the biggest stumbling blocks to organizational productivity. In addition to in store and residential in addition to computer repair, Refresh Computers offers Managed IT Services to assist businesses with computer related issues or requests including email, network connectivity, and software applications. Benefits of using Managed IT Services include decreased downtime, strengthened organizational data security, and increased productivity. To schedule a consultation with Refresh Computer Managed IT Services, please call 407-477-5699.

Managed Social Media Services

Simply put, social media is word of mouth advertising in a digital age. In recent years, more businesses have leveraged the power of popular social media networks such as Facebook to generate more leads and gain public exposure.

Refresh Computer’s resident Social Media expert Elizabeth Rissman has been successful in increasing online engagement and visibility for a number of businesses. D & G Occasions, a specialty party store in Downtown Orlando, has already seen a dramatic increase in their online following from 113 Facebook “likes” to 290 in a one week period. Other successful social media campaigns include A1 Assets and Refresh Computers’ Facebook Pages. To schedule a consultation with Refresh Computers Social Media Services, please call 407-982-3232.

About A1 Assets:

A1 Assets, Inc. services corporate and government entities across Florida and Southeastern United States by providing industry-leading asset management services including innovative remarketing and responsible electronics recycling.  A1 Assets, Inc. operates a family of green companies including A1 Assets Recycling, Technology Surplus Depot, Refresh Computers, and Refresh Telecom. For more information, please visit A1 Assets’ official website.