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Certified Data Destruction

No need to worry about any data remaining on your hard drives or other storage mediums! The expert technicians at A1 Assets ensure that all hard drives are securely wiped in accordance with the latest and strictest DOD-level government standards. Even if you choose to remove your own data prior to us taking possession of your equipment, we will still perform a certified data destruction routine, as it is our standard practice to wipe any hard drives which come through our facility. We also perform physical shredding of hard drives and devices which can not be securely erased due to bad sectors or other mechanical failures.

A1 Assets issues certificates of data destruction for our clients as part of either monthly or one-time reports. We are entrusted by many banks, hospital chains, educational institutions, corporations and government entities of all types for the secure eradication of their sensitive information. Learn more by calling 888-474-3784.