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Remarketing and Auctioneering

Turn your surplus goods and equipment back into liquidity for your organization!

Let the professionals at A1 Assets handle your surplus, as we recycle, remarket, and refurbish all property responsibly. We have extensive expertise and experience remarketing and auctioning all types of assets, and we provide both online and live auction services. You should only use licensed auctioneers for the safety and security of your items. Our Auctioneer Business License number is AB2475 and our Auctioneer License number is AU3150.

From airplanes and vehicles to computer and data equipment, A1 Assets will do all the work for you. We pick up all non-titled assets at your location and bring them back to our facility so that our professionals can expertly triage your items and prepare them for the marketplace, ensuring that you get top dollar for your surplus property. Listed below are just some of the items we have experience in remarketing and auctioning. Give us a call at 888-474-3784 for more info.

Airplanes Ambulances Audio Equipment Books Cars
Cell Phone Towers Cell Phones Commercial Printing Equipment Commercial Radio Equipment Computers, Laptops, & Tablets
Cranes Data Equipment Dental Equipment Dump Trucks Entertainment Equipment
Exercise Equipment Fire Department Equipment Fire Trucks Food Service Equipment Generators
Golf Carts Grounds Department Equipment Heavy Equipment Helicopters Industrial Equipment
Laboratory Equipment Lawn Equipment Medical Equipment Monitors Most Electronic Equipment
Motorcycles Police Department Equipment Power Tools Presentation Equipment Printers, Fax, & Copiers
Radar Equipment Security & Alarm Equipment Service Equipment Shop Equipment Sign Shop Equipment
Telephone Equipment Televisions Tools Tractors Trailers
Trains Trucks UPS’s Vehicles Video Equipment